19 January 2009

This Woman Shouldn't Talk. Her Name's Soledad, For Christ's Sake.

Soledad O'Brien, legendary bitch of media, has outdone herself this week.

Reports say that O'Brien, Secretary of her co-op NYC condo board, has sent an affidavit to have a... dog... evicted from the premises.

A fucking dog? Are you kidding me?

To be of fair mind, I suppose we all must ask: Is the dog loud? Does he bark and growl, or possibly attack? Does he happen to be of the rabid persuasion?

Nope, not according to sources cited in the NY Post. It's simply on the basis that the dog... Well, does what a dog does.

Drools. Ranks a little bit now and again. Breaks wind whenever he has the chance. You know.

Typical. Dog. Behavior.

Owner, Steven Lyons, is quoted to tell the Post that, “She told me at a shareholder’s meeting that my dog stinks. Her behavior has been particularly outrageous".

Not only does this miserable excuse of a woman "stink", but she sucks, too, but I don't see anyone penning an affidavit to remove her from the premises or to prevent her from doing whatever the hell it is she pleases.

That's it. What do you say?

Someone draw up the paperwork; my signature will be first on that bitch!

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