16 May 2009

Beach Living: Total Bliss

More and more the days seem to go by without a post on the old personal blog. I really should try to set aside more time to do this sort of thing. Get me back to my roots of bitching and moaning every which way I could possibly want without having to worry about any sort of repercussions from the public forum! Not that I mind, granted. Nothing better than stirring up the pot a bit here and there.

The move... Well, the move went really smoothly, actually. It was totally surprising, because the weeks leading up to the move were more and more hellish as they went by. It truly felt as if some unseen force were telling me that this wasn't what I should be doing, more problems cropping up than ever before and all signs pointed to "do not pass go". However, I rebelled, as I normally do and ended up here. In paradise.

Our home is gorgeous. I can't believe that we're living in a $350k condo a half mile from the beach. Where this luck came from, I don't even know. It was seriously like a dark cloud was hovering over our every move while we lived in Pennsylvania. We've been in Delaware for a full week and it's been nothing but bliss, good news and sweet happenstance.

The community in which we live has an amazing fitness complex, which I've been utilizing almost every day since I've been here. Well, every day since we've been unpacked, which went surprisingly well, as it were. I'm working out, getting up at the crack of dawn and simply enjoying the fact that I. am not. working. Well, at least at a full-time, forty hour plus week in an office type of job. I work my hours on Zelda Lily and couldn't be happier.

Things are finally seeming to fall into place and I can only credit it to our courage to change, to adapt and to persevere. This sense of contentment has been a long time coming and I'm going to do all that I can to not only keep a firm grip on it, but to keep my feet planted on the ground and my eyes ahead.