19 January 2009

Oh, Burn.

Despite the fact that Kate Winslet is "happy" and "married", it doesn't put the kibosh on the always-circulating rumors of her pining away for former (and current) co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Unfortunately for Kate, Leo claims that kissing Kate is like "kissing" his "sister".

Oh, Kate, Burn.

Leo goes on to say, "It's natural and I feel completely comfortable. In a twisted way it's like kissing a family member".

Well, the chemistry these two crazy kids had on Titanic, and from what I've heard on the set of their new flick, Revolutionary Road, it's a little odd that Kate and Leo have the kind of chemistry that is had between family members.

Certainly not mine.

And also, in this picture, DiCrapio looks like Billy Bob Thornton's character in Sling Blade.

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