14 January 2009

Katie Holmes and the Obligatory Vacant Look.

Katie Holmes looks amazing in the new campaign for Miu Miu. Unfortunately, she still has that bedraggled, where-have-I-been-for-the-past-few-years look on her face, which can only be attributed to the insanity that is Tom Cruise.

Katie joins the ranks of Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Paradis as the current face of Miu Miu, and I can honestly say this is the best she's looked in months.

She even looks better than she did during the filming of "Teaching Mrs. Tingle", which I still have on a recorded VHS tape somewhere in the bowels of my attic.

When, oh, when, is she going to go back to the sweetness that was Joey Potter?

Can't she see that Scientology ages?

And of course, any respectable Scientology husband drains his wife's youth and good looks. It's the vampire effect. He's looking better now than he did in his Top Gun days.

Joey, I miss you.

(Cue Paula Cole's "I Don't Wanna Wait")

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