24 January 2009

Just A Regular, Old Post.

Hi, guys.

I normally don't like to put bits of my personal life into my blog, because frankly, no one cares, nor should they - lol - but I'm super excited and needed to vent somewhere!

My hubby was accepted at a super-sweet college yesterday and... we're moving! I can't convey to you how excited I am. We're in Northeastern Pennsylvania right now, and currently, it's about minus three degrees or something, with a wind chill factor of about negative sixty or something ridiculous.

We're not going crazy South, but it's going to be a helluva lot warmer where we go. Then again, Michigan would probably be warmer this time of year. Whatevs. We'll be gone earliest, June, latest, August.

Regardless, I'm happy. He's happy. We're all happy.

Be happy for me! Yay!

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