23 January 2009

Doesn't Someone Feel Like An Asshole.

Pink, and estranged hubby, Carey Hart, seemed to have reconciled.

After an almost-year-long break, the talented (?) singer and cycle-enthusiast Hart have gotten back together. Pink and Carey were seen together on New Years' Eve, where she performed at his music club. The pair shared a kiss on New Years'.

How sweet.
What about all of those angst-y songs she wrote about him? Can't exactly take them back, now can we? Sort of damaged our opinions on the fame sucker known as Carey Hart, right?

Let's see how long it lasts this time.

Note to ladies: This is what happens when you pop the question.

Maybe now she can go by 'Pink Hart' and be even more obnoxious.

Image: nj.com

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