26 January 2009

This Just Provokes Such Sadness In Me.

Caylee Anthony, slain daughter of Casey Anthony, is pictured above.

I've been following this case pretty much right from the get-go, and since day one, I've been convinced of Casey's guilt. How could you possibly do what she did to a child, let alone your own child?

I'm a mother to a wonderful, sweet, happy fifteen month-old and she is just my life. She's my first child (hopefully not my last) and she completely brightens my life to a degree I once thought impossible to reach.

However, there are certain fuckheads out there that care simply for themselves and have the capacity of a rock to love and nurture. (Casey Anthony.)

This story just gets worse and worse each and every time I open the newspaper.

Reports say that Caylee's grandfather, George Anthony, was found at a motel in Florida after making suicide threats. I can't imagine what this poor man must be going through. Not only to lose his beautiful granddaughter, but to have his daughter locked up for the crime. And I'm sure he's convinced of her guilt, just as I am, just as a lot of people are.

Latest reports state that Caylee's remains were found in a canvas laundry bag placed in a black garbage bag, with a Winnie The Pooh book nearby, a knife inside and a stuffed animal. Her mouth and head were also duct-taped and a heart-shaped sticker was placed over the child's mouth.

How do you go back from there?

How this woman can sit smugly in jail and worry for none but herself, is beyond me. I'm a firm supporter of the death penalty, and I really hope she's convicted and has to suffer the way that poor child did.

Yuck. Just so upsetting.

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  1. Even though part of me gets really angry with Casey Anthony's parents for not stepping in earlier (and/or more forcefully), your post made me think about how they are truly victims too. After all, they lost a daughter and a granddaughter, when you think about it. What a mess : (