14 January 2009

Gisele and Tom Actually Are Engaged This Time.

Even out on the town, looking like ass, these two look amazing.

If I were to walk around town looking like this (well, my non-celebrity, professionally un-made up version, anyway), the townsfolk would probably stone me to death.

I couldn't imagine what children by these two individuals would look like. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt would definitely have some competition as the cutest celebrity child, so far.

Anyway, contrary to prior reports, Gisele and Tom actually are engaged this time. I don't yet know the details behind the sports stars' proposal, but it can't be nearly as romantic as what was once initially reported, that he had popped the question on a chartered plane with her parents aboard and candles burning everywhere.

However, doesn't that seem kind of unsafe to you, anyway? An FAA violation, or something? Candles burning on a plane? That's about a safe as... Well... Sorry about this, but... Snakes on a plane, haha.

Did anyone actually see that movie?

And doesn't Tom kind of resemble Leo in this picture?

I guess Gisele has a thing for guys with butt-chins.

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