14 January 2009

To Whomever Actually Cares That Lisa Marie Presley Procreated With Someone Other than Michael Jackjob.

Lisa Marie Presley finally released those much-sought after pics of her twins to People magazine this week.

Let me first say - no disrespect to those darling babies, because I just love babies and they can't help who they're born to - Lisa Marie is just weird. Come on. Anyone who dates Michael Jackson... Has got to have some serious, deep-seated issues. Elvis is still seizing in his grave over that one. Hell, anyone who's friends with that man (erm, hackmacaulayculkincoughgaghack) has their own "special" set of problems.

This woman... Oy. I don't even know where to begin. She's one of those mysteries of the universe, that if you try to understand deeper than most try, it'll create a rip in the time/space continuum and suck half of us out into another galaxy. Or something.

Anyway. Here they are; the kids are adorable.

And also. What is with her chin? Is this the new Hollywood trend? The saggy-double-Britney/Jessica-chin? Because if this is the new fad, I am quite sorry, but I'm voting myself off this island.

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