08 January 2009

Diversified my ASS.

What I want to know...

Is how.
the fuck.
do you run a successful business.
without having kept track of the employees that have worked there - not twenty years ago - but a mere eight.

Isn't that something that the government, or at least the IRS (for tax-purposes, of course) requires business to keep track of? Even if they don't physically have that shit in their computer, do they not have (god forbid: obsolete) paper files?

I just spent the last twenty minutes on the telephone with some supreme idiot at a company I used to work for (she, who, unbelievably enough, remembered me), that couldn't tell me my dates of employment. And claimed that they don't keep (and never did?) paper files of this particular information.

I advised her that I needed this information, not for my own personal victory of having survived that hellhole; but for government registration purposes for a licensing exam I have to soon take.

She couldn't help me.

Am I surprised?

Quite the contrary.

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