09 January 2009

Irresponsible People Have Got This One Right.

So, one thing, among many, that makes me want to punch myself in the face, is a person who drives while inebriated.

I think the only thing dumber than that, is for the said idiots to practically publicize the fact that they're wasted by driving in braille!

I don't know. Maybe these people are just genuinely shitty drivers, I could be biased. Maybe they need dual mirrors. Maybe their anti-convulsive drugs wear off at just the most inconvenient times. Maybe this douche nozzle tonight was not drunk, but just liked weaving in and out of traffic erratically, for the sport of it.

Why is it that I can get pulled over for swerving to avoid one of the many, many potholes in Northeastern Pennsylvania (not only the armpit of the US, but the pothole capital, to boot), and be threatened with a breathalyzer, but the moron who's doing a horizontal line dance with their car gets away scot-free?

I don't get it.

And it disappoints me.

These people are going to be the ones that run someone's dog over, or takes out a handcrafted mailbox, or worse yet, kills a pedestrian... but they waste their time pulling citizens (like me) over, who simply want to avoid purchasing a new tire, balancing and alignment, all in one shot.


If you're drunk, call a cab. Or pass out in the loo.

Or at least drive in front of me.

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