19 January 2009

Anna Kournikova, Holy Hell Do You Look Awful.

Please, really, someone tell me that's not really Anna Kournikova. Really?!

At first glance, I would have bet my life it was Candace Cameron, circa Full House.

But alas, I'm told, it's none other than the famous, formerly gorgeous, Anna Kournikova.

She's definitely looking a bit off in this photo. I pray to God that she's pregnant. Anna is long-term girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias. If she is preggers, that's just wonderful, and congrats to the couple!

But I'm going to warn you, Anna. If you look like this right now... It's going to take you at least a year and a half to get back to your sweet-assed self. I speak from experience, darling, here I am fifteen months later and I'm still not yet 'normal'.

On the flip side, if she's not pregnant... Well, then.

Enrique, I'm so sorry for you!

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