19 January 2009

These Two Definitely Top The List Of Most Boring Celebrity Power-Couples.

If you've really read any of my postings in depth, you'll certainly see that I'm the eternal optimist, so...

I pose this question.

When are these two going to end it? I mean, come on! It was almost completely unbelievable when they first got together, like Ashton was punking us once again, but this is some grand-scale shit.

This is waste people's time shit.

I'm sorry. I never really was a Demi fan, and I always liked Ashton, so maybe it's a bit of a jealousy thing, which I am totally not above, but this thing's got to end one way or another.

She's almost like a female Hugh Hefner... Just with bigger boobs (but not by much, that man's got moobs)... And less grey hair. Oh, and minus those juggy chicks that always follow him around. And, I guess, minus Cris Angel lurking around the mansion's bedroom windows in the late evenings, just waiting for the next Playmate to lose her shit and go all off on Hef.

Okay, I'm off on a tangent. I guess she's nothing like Hef.

Other than the fact that she could practically be his mother.

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