27 March 2009

Oh, To Be An Irrational Homophobe.

I'm generally tolerant of pretty much everyone. I don't bias myself against certain types of people and I certainly don't prejudice against cultural groups. Assholes don't have colors, ethnicities or sexual preferences. If you're an asshole, you're an asshole; the universal quintessence of douchebag, speaking the universal language of parochialism.

I can't stand prejudice of any kind. It drives us, as people, back a few centuries in the progression of humanity. And by humanity, I mean love, tolerance, virtue and peace. Humility.

I would honestly say, above all, something I despise the most are people that are of the homophobic persuasion.

I just. don't. get it.

Despite what some biblical scholars say, I don't think homosexuality is a choice. It's a way of being, it's a state of mind and it's preference. It's none of my business or my place to judge whether you're a chick that wants to be with a chick, or if you're a dick that wants to be with a dick. To be quite frank, there's nothing wrong with it. I support gay marriage. I support the same healthcare benefits that are "entitled" to heterosexual couples. Why should a homosexual couple be treated any differently, especially by the government? Are they not oppressed enough by large percentage of society in general?

I know several people, unfortunately, that are just positively frightened at the prospect of a same-sex, gay individual habitating their airspace. Ridick, much?

Why must we be such subjectively-abundant, societal retards?

Christ on a cracker, guys. Spread the peace. Accept people for who they are, not what you think they should be in your "perfect world".

There's no such thing for now.

It's something to work toward, but it's never going to happen if people aren't willing to let their Shangri-la "ideals" and their bigotry go.


  1. I love living in Seattle. I raised both of my (now grown) boys in the city, which is one of the most tolerant and loving places in America. I do believe it all starts early, in terms of whether or not we will continue on with the kind of bigoted ridiculousness you are talking about, don't you think?

    My best friend is gay. He moved from the Seattle area to live in Palm Springs with his partner. "Michael" has AIDS now. Knowing that my best friend is sick and has never been "allowed" to marry his partner is heartbreaking. I don't need to go into all the details of what this means...we've all heard it before, but the ramifications of what is laid out before "Michael" and his partner is nothing short of shameful on the part of this country, and it is simply not okay.

  2. I agree that it's terrible that these people are so segregated from the benefits of living as a free American, especially when it comes to the "stigma" of marriage and shared health benefits.

    I obviously don't know your friend's situation, as to whether he has medical insurance or not, but let's go on the assumption that he does not, and that his partner does. Let's also assume that "Michael" is too ill to work at this point, which would encumber him in being qualified for any work-related health benefits. How effed is it that if his partner has insurance, that poor, ill "Michael" can't be placed on the policy. Essentially, the law-makers of this "great country" are condemning him to death. Moreover, they're placing priority on people with ingrown toenails and sprained fingers, than on someone who has a life-debilitating disease that's going to shorten drastically (if not end altogether) his or her lifespan.

    It's HEARTBREAKING, is what it is.

  3. Sarah. You nailed it. And as he deteriorates, so do we.

  4. I have the great privilege of living in New Hampshire. Our state House of Representatives approved same sex marriage yesterday and, although it's possible to be shot down by the state senate and/or the governor, I am so proud of my state (although some of the comments left on our local news website made me rethink this).

    It is well-documented by top-rate medical institutions that homosexuality is not a choice, that homosexuals are actually less likely to be child molesters, and that they are by far the greatest victims of discrimination in America today.

    I am further convinced that most of the people claiming the so-called banning of homosexuality based on the Bible have never read the book. They've been fed a few ambiguous quotes and completely miss the greater teachings of love, peace, and acceptance provided within its pages.

    My thoughts are with your friend Michael ... and with the thousands in his situation.

  5. If you read my blog, here's the link to the story. You'll find out "Michael's" real name. I don't know why I didn't say it to begin with. http://dippedincream.blogspot.com/2008/12/secrets-lies-truth-laughter-and-love.html

    Do a search on "Patrick" on Dipped... and you'll find some funny stuff.

    xoxo j