10 March 2009

A New 'Brand' Of Pirate?

Amidst recent chatter that there will, in fact, be a fourth installment of cult-hit Pirates of the Caribbean, another British actor is slated to be considered for a role in the hugely popular franchise.

Russell Brand, most popular for his stand up comedic acts, is a candidate being discussed for the new PotC film, alongside Johnny Depp, who, at this point, look like they could be long-lost relatives, if not brothers.

I'm a big fan of Russell Brand. I especially liked his commercial with Britney Spears advertising for the VMAs. They had a very gritty, nasty chemistry that I just adored.
He's campy and fun and obnoxious, but in a good British way that we Americans can all identify with. At least those of us with a sense of humor, anyway. Brand is not for the faint of heart.

Evidently the new prospect for the flick includes Sparrow and Barbossa's characters reuniting in new world New Orleans (my absolute most favorite city on the face of the earth) to search for the Fountain of Youth.
Regardless, I am a gigantic fan of the Pirates films and I greatly look forward to viewing the new installment, Brand-ed or not.

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