19 January 2009

Paris Wants Herself A Piece Of Angie.

P. Hil, who has gone through a slew of "best friends", most notably Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan (pictured above), Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and now hanger-on Brittany Flickinger (I'm sorry, I don't care how talented and selfless this girl claims to be, she'll never make it in Hollywood with a name like that), wants none other than Angelina Jolie as a best friend.

Could you imagine the pap swarm if those two were to start palling around together?

Paris is quoted saying, "Someone I can trust. And they have to be compassionate, caring and fun" is what she requires in a BFF.

La Paree, who believes she has a lot in common with Angie also says, "I've had a lot of people in my past who were friends with me just to get publicity."

How ironic.

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