19 January 2009

O(bama) is for Oh, Sweet Jesus.

Could this actually be a genuine picture of Samantha Ronson smiling?

Lindsay, who I love, because she's absolutely fucking nuts - and she's not afraid to show it - looks fantastic in this picture, at the inauguration festivities for President-elect Barack Obama, and Sam looks... Well, she doesn't look awful, I can say that with honesty.

Sam's a pretty girl. If she's going to be La Lohan's man (woman?), she's going to have to kick the face up a notch.

Smile, Sam, smile.

And Lindsay, who you can tell is just ready to brew up her next big blowout, is just sweet in her little frock. Oh, Lindsay. You're the role model out there for all semi-psychotic American girls, because I think we all have a little Lohan in us, deep down somewhere.

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