15 January 2009

Not Because I Believe This, But Because If It Were True, It'd Be Great.

Wouldn't this just be amazing? Former trainwreck and current trainwreck, uniting in the face of public ridicule and adversity?

No, but really. This claim is completely unbelievable, and I'm sure if the encounter even occurred, it was either by chance or simply a friendly meeting.

Reportedly, my favorite Long Island "lady" was seen in Nobu last week, in the company of none other than Madonna's ex, Sean Penn, after her alleged split from Sammy Ronson.

Wouldn't that be something else?

I actually kind of like Sean Penn. He's getting up there in age, but he's still just as cute as he was when he co-starred in Dead Man Walking with Susan Sarandon. Great flick.

Anyway, I can see the catfight between LiLo and Sam from miles away, if this little nugget of sunshine were to be true.

And didn't Mickey Rourke recently claim Penn to be gay? I definitely couldn't see that, but hey.

It'd be a sweet little love sammie (haha, I said 'sammie') for Sammy, LiLo and Sean.

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