15 January 2009

Anna Lynn McCord Poses For GQ.

90210's Anna Lynn McCord will pose for February's issue of GQ Magazine.

I have to say, I saw photos of her posted this past week, at the beach, and she was actually... Frolicking. As in playing in the surf, running 'round, no jewelry, no makeup, just having fun like a normal girl at the beach.

Gotta give it to her, unlike some celebrities that show up to the beach with a full face of makeup and thirty-eight pounds of jewelry. I don't really get that look, anyway. Jewelry at the beach? Won't that cause tan lines? Or at least, scorch marks from large, hot pieces of metal pressing on your skin?

Can't be comfortable.

Regardless, the Anna Lynn McCord that I'm beginning to respect more and more, posing for GQ Magazine next month, along with her funny bellybutton.

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