18 January 2009

Nobody Puts Swayze In The Corner!

Patrick Swayze has been looking better and better, in my opinion, despite the thyroid cancer and treatment and pneumonia and all that.


Nothing can bring this guy down. And I say that in a positive way, because I love the man.

Yeah, he's a little on the thin side, his face kind of looks a bit haggard than it did in Dirty Dancing or Roadhouse, but dammit, he looks fantastic for his conditions.

Swayze, who was just released from the hospital this past week, following a bout of pneumonia, is home again.

"I am happy to announce that Patrick Swayze is home after a brief hospitalization for pneumonia," his rep Annett Wolf tells PEOPLE exclusively.


Nothing. And I mean nothing.

Can bring the Swayze down.

I think I'm going to watch Dirty Dancing today.

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