17 January 2009

Another Day, Another Verne Troyer Disaster.

Verne Troyer, actor most famous (okay, well only famous) for his role in the Austin Powers movies.

Verne has since used his celebrity to anesthetize himself with drugs and alcohol (to the point of many, many embarrassing outcomes), bed beautiful women (yep, again, embarrassing) and land a sweet gig on Celebrity Big Brother (probably the most embarrassing of all).

We've all heard the stories, the sexual fetishes, the drunken-passed-out-pre-sex-excitement, but folks, you can see it right here for free, where Verne overdoes it (again) on the alcohol and once more (again again again) makes a fool out of himself.

I can only assume this is just another day in the celebrity life for Verne.

Then again, you assume... You make an ass out of you and Mini-Me.

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