16 January 2009

Jealous and Self-Conscious Today!

Let me begin by saying how adorable I think Christina Ricci is. I just think she is so cute. If I were the type to surgically alter my face, I might do something along the lines of Ms. Ricci. However, I would never 1) be able to afford something like that, and 2) don't think I'd be able to deal with looking in the mirror every day for the rest of my life and seeing something different that what I've gotten used to over the course of twenty-six years.

Nevertheless, Christina Ricci, who will be starring in the upcoming movie, The Hero of Color City, along with Rosie Perez, Craig Ferguson and Arsenio Hall, as a crayon.

I think it's neat that she shows her versatility in roles such as Rae, in Black Snake Moan, co-starring Justin Timberlake and Samuel L. Jackson and then, in turn, does great kid movies such as Speed Racer.

I've always liked this girl.

Definitely an overly talented, under-rated actress, who's a total hottie, to boot.

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