16 January 2009

At Least It Wasn't a Hibachi Table.

What could potentially be more awkward than running into your ex, while you're not looking your best, and he's with his much hotter, totally smoking, all the time, even when she looks like "crap", girlfriend?

The Britster and mom, Lynne, decided to make an ill-informed run to LA's Yatai Asian Tapas bar while lovebirds Jessica and Justin dined.

Evidently there were two reports: One stating that Justin (not Jessica) was gracious and welcoming, waving to Britney, at least trying to alleviate the obvious tension in the air.

Other reports say that Justin and Jessica slunk down in their seats like sixth graders not wanting to be seen by the cool kids at the mall.

Personally, I think I'd believe the latter, because Justin seems to go along with everything that Jess says and does, anyway.

Poor Brit can't catch a break!

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