16 January 2009

And This Is Why You Don't Take Your Spouse's Name Upon Marriage, Especially If It Sounds Like Some Kind Of Obscene Bodily Function.

I've heard this woman is an absolute nightmare of a diva on set, but that doesn't justify the ridiculousness that is Daniel Giersch.

Gossip Girls' Kelly Rutherford, now four months pregnant, filed for divorce this past December.

So, of course, Giersch (skeevy name that sounds like an overly mucous-filled sneeze) counter filed and cited that Ms. Rutherford has a nasty temper. An emergency hearing had recently taken place, because she feared that her estranged husband will attempt to leave the country with the little boy.

And he says she has a nasty temper?


That woman's four months pregnant. Her hormones are out of control. You're lucky that she didn't lambaste your eerily-large forehead with some kind of blunt object while you slept, for impregnating her in the first place. Or second place. Or whatever.

If anyone's interested in ready the gory (lengthy and monotonous) details of the filing, you can do so here.

Giersch alleges that Rutherford attempted to "hit" him with "an open fist" in an "angry outburst".

Come on, Giersch, (yuck, again) the term 'open fist' is an oxymoron and is synonymous with "You're a pussy!".

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