06 June 2009

Domestic Goddess

I woke up this morning and I could hear my blog calling me, whimpering in the semi-darkness, imploring me to write in it. After lying in bed for a few more minutes, I consciously decided to make an honest effort at a new post today, since it's been almost a month now, since my last post. I apologize for depriving you all of my non-sensical ranting and blissed-out proverbs.

Today was another great day. I seem to wake before the crack of dawn here and it's something that I've really gained quite an appreciation for. I get up early, have my cup(s) of coffee and morning smoke(s) on my front porch and listen to the seagulls crying out their morning songs. The baby and husband woke up about an hour or two after I did and I re-welcomed the day with their awakenings. I fed the baby her breakfast and left her with her dad so that I could take off and kick my own ass at the gym we have on site. I ran two miles today in just about eighteen minutes, which, for me, is pretty damned fantastic. Since we've moved here, just over a month, I've lost eight pounds. I'm not overweight by any far cry, but it's ridiculously nice to be a bit more toned than I was after the whole childbirth thing.

After the gym, I came home and took a long soak in the jacuzzi tub. The husband went to work and babe and I decided to go grocery shopping. I stocked up on more food and spent even more money on things I didn't need, such as candles, housewares and beauty products. I swear sometimes that I have a bit of a shopping compulsion. I could probably go into a hardware store and find something to spend money on. I have no doubts.

We left the grocery store and hit the locally-grown plant and flower stand that's just a few miles from my home. Browsed around and bought a few flower boxes for the front and back porches and some pretty seedlings. I have a huge affinity for lavender and I'd like to grow it. It's probably my most favorite smell in the entire world. I'd have to say the best thing to do with it is let it dry out a bit and allow it to soak in a tub before you get in it. Oh, heavenly.

We came home and had lunch and then I tackled the Cleaning of the Bathrooms. I never thought I'd deplore cleaning bathrooms so much until I had so many of them. It literally took two hours. I washed all of the bedclothes and throw rugs and felt uber accomplished.

To some of you out there, it might sound that I had a bit of a boring day, but to me, it was sheer happiness.

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