19 March 2009

The Hair, It Is A-Changin'

I've got this manic urge sometimes that requires me to do odd things to my appearance. I've got this insurmountable urge to do this and to do this tonight.

I was once told by someone that to shave one's head (especially in the event of a woman doing so) is synonymous of a new beginning or a cleansing of one's self.

I don't know about all of that; could be true, but who knows.

However, I'm going to go nuts tonight and do something crazy to my hair.

The urge has been coming on stronger and stronger lately and I feel that the change is necessary. It's adamantly unavoidable.

Wish me luck and hope that it turns out well.

Hair looks good = photo.

Hair looks awful = long rant about how I hate the way I look and how everything I do turns to shite.

Check back later!

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