16 March 2009

Goodwill. All Sorts Of It.

I packed about a quarter of my house yesterday.

For all of you that don't know, we're relocating (and soon, thankfully) and I'm in the midst of some serious packing and sorting and giving-away of stuff. Blah. If any of you want some free clothes, or smoothie-makers, pots, pans or old shoes... I'm your hook-up. At least, for the next few weeks.

Anyway, I had run to a few of the local grocery stores and drugstores to ransack their stock rooms and take all of their boxes, and I actually made out pretty well. I did, however, run into some relatively interesting individuals. People that smiled. People with mullets (wtf). People that made nasty faces at oncoming cars and people that passed them by in the aisles of the store. People that you just knew you'd have to hold your breath while they walked by. People are so funny.

I don't know. I know everyone's got their crosses to bear and what not, but I don't understand why, as a general populace, we can't be more pleasant to one another. Seriously. I mean, I'm kind of confused at the weird looks I get from people (strangers) that I greet in my day. Is that so abnormal? Am I doing something odd?

Sometimes humanity really disappoints me.

Other times, I'm ridiculously impressed.

On a funny note, a co-worker told me today that I'm the most un-inhibited person she's ever met. I think that's a good thing. Maybe she admires me for being so... Well, free. Or maybe she just thinks I'm creepy and weird. Either way. I suppose I made an impression.

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