18 January 2009

Katy Perry? You Decide.

Photos of an allegedly nude Katy Perry have made their rounds to the internet, barely two weeks after her split from Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy.

Travis, so stylishly and so chivalrously, took to his blog shortly after to pen a song or a poem or something to the tune of their split.

Could this be Katy's revenge? If it is, it's super sweet.

I followed a bit of his blog, and Travis always seemed like the mildly possessive type.

Maybe this will put him in his place!

Check out the uncensored version here. It is, of course, NSFW.

I'm unsure of the validity of it, and it could be a total hoax, but you decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think so - this girl is kind of trying for the Katy pout, and not really pulling it off, but hey -- maybe it's Katy in the morning, pre-coffee.

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