21 January 2009

Just Another Sunny Ray Of Light.

For all of you out there that just can't get enough of the new, (and old!) skeevy Madonna photos.

This photo is one of her new Hard Candy promo shots. What say you?

You can sure tell that Madge doesn't approve of airbrushing or Photoshop; check those varicose veins. I didn't even know you could get varicose veins on your shoulders. Maybe it's from all that weightlifting or something, I couldn't really be bothered to find out.

And you can just tell, based on the chicken skin between her breasts, if she took that bra off, those jugs would be suitable as a belt. Or a scarf.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about rocking the non-Photoshopped look, because I think it really empowers people to just be who they are, but if Madonna wants to continue her title as a sex-symbol, she really needs to lay off the photo shoots.

At least, for the rest of her life.

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