15 January 2009

Britney Bradshaw?

The Britster is reported to be playing Sarah Jessica Parker's cousin in the upcoming SATC movie. Interesting.

Despite all of her going's on over the past few years (and this is coming from someone who absolutely detested Britney at one point in time), I'm pretty happy for her and her new-found sanity. She's kind of accomplished more in the past year than she has in the past five. Let's just hope her performance is better than 2002's Crossroads.

Honestly, I think she'll do just great.

On another note, is this movie really happening, or not? I hear it is, then it's off, then it's back on, then Kim Cattrall is making presumptuous statements and suggestions and SJP's shooting them all down...

Who knows. I'm not even sure the producers know yet.

And this picture?

I apologize. I simply couldn't resist. This might be one of my all-time favorite Brit pics.

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